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Hi Parents!
One of the hardest things to figure out with new Sea Cadets is the uniforms! Hopefully this will help. 

Some important points to be made about the uniforms:

1- If your son or daughter is not issued something, maybe because they couldn't get the right fit or for some other reason, reach out to other parents on the Facebook page or via email before you purchase it. Many times, more seasoned parents have extras of things lying around that they would be happy to give you.
2- There is a uniform guide on the Sea Cadet Homeport website that is excellent. The uniforms for Cadets begin on Chapter 3, page 67. The uniforms for League Cadets begin on Chapter 3, page 83. Keep in mind that we do not wear several of the uniforms listed, so if there is any doubt or confusion,

ASK. http://homeport.seacadets.org/display/Manuals/Uniform+Regulations
3- Do yourself a favor and teach your son or daughter to iron their own uniforms RIGHT AWAY. Otherwise you will be stuck doing it forever. Also, they will need to know how to do it themselves when they are away. Even if you bring it to the dry cleaner for them, make sure they have done it at least a few times on their own. If it is not done properly at drill, one of the older Cadets WILL
show them the proper way to do it! Take note that on the plan of the month (POM) one of the first things it will say for each day is Uniform of the Day. Here is what each of these things mean.

1- Dress Whites
Dress whites are generally worn from May to September. The uniform consists
of the white top (or jumper), the white pants, and a dark neckerchief. A white,
short sleeved crew neck t-shirt should be worn under the uniform. There is a
white belt with a silver buckle. It is worn with black socks and black dress
shoes. Young men will wear the white Navy cover, while the young ladies wear the
white combination cap. Your son or daughter should wear the ribbons they have
and their name pin. If you choose to launder the uniform yourself rather than
having it dry cleaned, remember not to use bleach on it! It will yellow the
white material.

2-Dress Blues
This uniform is worn in the winter months. It consists of a dark blue wool
top and matching pants, and a dark neckerchief.  A white, short sleeved crew
neck shirt should be worn under the uniform. A blue belt with a silver buckle is
worn. Black socks and black dress shoes should be worn. Young men will wear the
white Navy cover, while the young ladies wear the white combination cap. Your
son or daughter should wear the ribbons they have and their name pin. 

Here is an excellent video on how to iron the dress uniforms (even though
they are different colors, they are ironed the same way).  You can go Here for dress Blues


3- Navy Working Uniform (NWU)
This is the blue camouflage uniform. It consists of the camo top and
bottom. A navy blue tshirt is worn underneath. It should be worn with the blue
belt and silver buckle. A blue camouflage cap is worn. Black socks and black 8
or 9 inch combat boots should be worn. Try NOT to get tactical boots... they
should be all leather or pleather. 

4- Utilities
This uniform is mostly worn by the League Cadets or newer sea cadets who
have not been issued NWUs yet. Since most cadets only have one set of NWUs, you
can bring a set of utilities to recruit training as an alternative to that
uniform. It consists of a light blue button up chambray shirt, and navy blue
pants. A white crew neck t shirt is worn underneath, black socks and dress
shoes. A blue belt is worn with a silver buckle. A white cover is worn, or a
blue ball cap.

5- NLCC Dress Uniform
This uniform is worn by League Cadets when the Sea Cadets wear their dress uniform. It is a white, button down oxford shirt, black pants, black socks, and black dress shoes. A black belt should be worn. A white crew neck undershirt should be worn, with the white Navy cover.

My name is Meaghan Ruf, and I thrilled to be the new Parent Coordinator for the Liberty AGTR-5 division. My son has been involved in the program as a League Cadet and then a Sea Cadet for two years, so hopefully I will be able to answer any questions or concerns that might come up for you. I am a former high school social studies teacher, and I now home school my children, so I am around all the time. I am active on the Liberty Facebook page, and I encourage you to post there with any questions, message me on Facebook, or contact me via phone or text or email any time. I will be updating the Parent's Corner with a lot of great information as well. My contact information is 631-867-6667 or booklove83@yahoo.com. I look forward to meeting with you all, and helping our young men and women grow through this incredible program!